Lesrooster 2020


nog geen data bekend, individuele begeleiding in overleg


nog geen data bekend, individuele begeleiding in overleg


data worden binnenkort bekend gemaakt

Inschrijven voor een cursus of workshops kan per  mail: of via de webshop. In de webshop kun je de beschikbaarheid van de cursus of workshop vinden. 

Alleen bij volledige gegevens (naam, adres, telefoonnummer) en na betaling is de inschrijving/reservering van plek van deelname definitief.

Jessica Lang

If you want to take part in a training session in which you will be motivated and inspired and in which you can learn so much including background information, then ask for a training session with Sam. It has been nearly one year ago since I first met Sam. Since then I knew she would have ideas to solve every question that pops into my mind. 

Sam values the strengths of the dogs she works with but also has an excellent eye for the dogs’ needs and what they should work on. The lesson is well-prepared with a list of fitting exercises.

We could easily follow a clever structure and additionally got a handout with every exercise we worked through on it.

I am so happy to now have specific exercises for building muscle strength, improving coordination and preventing injuries. 

Not just me but my two dogs had a great time as well and want to join another training lesson asap!!!
THANK YOU, Sam for taking time for us!!!

Zorg dat je een goede start hebt met je pup in huis!